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Zoom Auditions for a NYC Zoom Table Read

Location: New York City based Zoom Event

Type: Film

I’ve written two short screenplays I’d like to table-read via Zoom: “Valentine’s Night” and “Lucid”. I plan to eventually produce both of them myself. I already have the required funds. I intend to submit them both to film festivals.

for “Valentine’s Night”:

for “Lucid”:

“Valentine’s Night” (drama; 5 pages) logline: Ted confronts his father about the latter’s infidelity. Or does he? Roles: Ted: Male, 30-ish Father: Male, Middle-aged Mother: Female, Middle-aged (non-speaking role; just noting this for production-phase)

“Lucid” (drama; 22 pages) logline: Ophelia is stuck, needs to break through certain barriers in her life. She finds Lucid, Inc., a startup of the near future offering training in lucid dreaming. Its slogan: “We make your dreams our business”. What could go wrong? Roles: Ophelia: Female, 29 Ophelia’s Mom: Female, Middle-aged Receptionist: Female, 30-ish Dr. Abaddon: Male, Middle-aged Nurse Devlin: 30-ish

I’d like to have a single Zoom-event for both scripts, in the hope that a reader for a role in one piece will be available to read the action in the other piece. Also, I’d appreciate having some participants who read for one piece serve as a kind of audience that would comment and critique the other piece (or both pieces).

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York City based Zoom Event Please submit to: by Send mail to to express interest in one of the listed roles in either or both pieces. We can take it from there.


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