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Short Film Actor Audition - New York


A Crowded Solitude is a short film that combines documentary, animation and stylized reenactments to immerse the audience in the world of solitary confinement. The stories of people who have spent time in solitary will be visualized through abstract stop motion animation and surreal vignettes to represent the psychological struggle in their hearts and minds. This project is low budget, but we’re passionate about its ability to draw attention to an important issue and (we hope) change legislation in the country to ban solitary confinement. We’ve assembled a fantastic creative team and looking for actors who are interested in the cause and want to be part of an ambitious film.

We are looking for actors who are very physical with very emotive faces to star in the reenactments. This project will be dialogue-free but will require a dynamic emotional range, since the actors will be portraying characters who spent years in prison in solitary confinement. It will require the actors to perform pixilation, which is stop-motion animation using humans. This means they will have to hold perfectly still and move ever-so-slightly for extended periods. Models, dancers, athletes or people who do yoga would be great for these roles or people who have acted in stop motion before.

The role:

‘Dave’ – African-American male age 20-40 – shaved head or bald is preferred. Ideal candidate for this will be IDENTICAL TWINS, since we can use both the twins in animation sequences to create incredible scenes where the person is doubled and multiplied. Brothers similar in age/look could also work.

Rate: $200/day/each Location: Filming in a Brooklyn studio Dates: 12/11-12/15 (2 days within that window)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City Please submit to: by 2019-11-29


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