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Seattle Area Auditions for Indie Film Project

A young woman. Dorothea, is haunted by the brutal murder of her mother which she witnessed. Years later she can’t seem to remember reliably who she saw do it, only that it was a man. Her mental health has deteriorated and her father has brought her a therapist. Throughout the story we learn why she can’t remember who committed.

Her father employed the therapist, Dr. Greenwald, to make Dorothea think she’s crazy. In the end it is revealed that her father killed her mother, leading to a mental break in which Dorothea kills her father.

Lily. Woman18-20 Dorothea’s sister. Very outwardly kind but manipulative and can be cold.

Eleanor. Woman16-17 One of Dorothea’s closest friends. Very headstrong and strong willed but funny.

Benny. Man16-18 another of Dorothea’s closest friends. Very strange and awkward but caring and sweet.

Archibald. Man40s-50s Dorothea’s father. Very cold and distant. Addictive personality

Dorothea’s mom (in flash backs)30s Very angelic and warm. Opposite of Archibald

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Seattle/Renton Washington

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