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Paid Audience in Miami for Commercial / Product Launch - Florida


As part of the experience, for our commercial

we are hiring about 20 to 30 people/actors to come to

an author book-launch, to pretend that they’re his fans and want his autograph, as well as

5 photographers, to act as paparazzi with dslr and separate flash no pictures are necessary

This will take 30 mins total, in South Beach, on friday September 6, 2019.

we will guide him to a hotel lobby, where a little table will be waiting for him, full of his adoring fans and paparazzi for his book launch.

Please send a headshot, just need a varied group of people, dressed in informal clothing.

Pay: $10/30 mins each person

we encourage students or people that want to lear about filming to come and help us and have a great time networking in return.

plus commercial video free food and drinks

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Miami Please submit to: by 2019-09-04



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