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Now Casting Several Roles - San Diego California


ISO Several Roles

Title: Fuego (Short Film, Non-Union)

Director: Edwin Franko

Location: San Diego, Ca

Rate: Professional Pay (refer to character breakdowns found below)

Shooting Dates: December 19-21, 2021




Character Breakdowns

Camila (Lead)

A charismatic and bold salsa instructor and dancer in her mid-20s, whose passion is her dancing career. She has a sense of humor and witty personality, although closed off to guys sometimes because they are always courting her in the dance scene. She is not afraid to take the lead or initiate a conversation. She is usually focused on her work and love of dancing, but when Gio (the protagonist of the film) comes along, Camila begins to notice his passion.

*Must have salsa dance experience.

Shoot Dates: Dec 19th-20th

$750 Negotiable

Francisco (Supporting)

The older brother of Gio, Francisco is Latino in his mid 30s to early 40s and cares most about his family. Francisco and Gio are true definitions of brothers– one day they could be best friends then one day they could be enemies, but Francisco truly loves his little brother and wants him to be a part of special events in his life. Francisco believes he knows what is best for Gio and even lies at times to challenge his younger brother to find his Fuego and encourage him to find the meaning in family again. Francisco’s priority is his family and his girlfriend Nadine.

Shoot Dates: Dec 19th-21st

$500 Negotiable

Eddie (Supporting)

Latino man in his 50s who is casually dressed and converses with Joel and Giovanni at a bar throughout the story as Gio describes the story of how he started to find his ‘fuego’ (or passion in life.) He is relaxed, easy going, and has a sense of humor.

Shoot Date: Dec 21st

$300 Negotiable

Joel (Supporting)

Well-dressed and stylish Asian man in his 40s who talks with Gio and Eddie at a bar about the story of how Gio started to discover his “fuego”. Curious, engaged, and supportive of Gio’s journey.

Shoot Date: Dec 21st

$300 Negotiable

Nadine (Supporting)

Nadine is a Caucasian woman in her 30s with colored eyes. She is the girlfriend of Francisco, (Gio’s older brother). She is friendly, affectionate and loves Francisco. She is warm and welcoming and enjoys having a good time and supporting her boyfriend’s relationship with his brother.

Shoot Date: Dec 19th

$100 Half day (4-5 hours)


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