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Now Casting Netflix “Too Hot To Handle” Reality Show in the UK

Too Hot to Handle brings together a group of attractive and single individuals in a tropical paradise with the promise of finding love and forming meaningful connections. However, there’s a catch – the contestants are not allowed to engage in any kind of physical intimacy, which includes kissing, sexual activities, and even self-gratification.

Too Hot to Handle” is a reality dating show that gained popularity for its unique twist on the conventional dating show format.

The show first premiered on April 17, 2020, on the streaming platform Netflix. Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE is now going public and casting for its next season!

NOW CASTING! For the first time ever, Lana is going PUBLIC, and TOO HOT TO HANDLE is now casting for Season 6!

APPLY or NOMINATE someone today!


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