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New Starz Show “The Hunting Wives” in Charlotte, NC

VALET TYPES – Must be good drivers and able to safely move somehigh vehicles and trucks. Not required but if you have Valet Experience please include it.

CATERING STAFF -Seeking those with actual catering, waitstaff, serving expereince. Include Wait Staff or Serving Expereince.

FILMING DATES: 3/19 & 3/20 in Concord. 3/19 filmming will takeplace in day and evening hours. 3/20 will be an all nighter.REMINDER a typical filming day is 12 hours.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading ADDITIONAL BANKS STAFF.

If you have already submitted a COMPLETE SUBMISSION that includes your 2 Current Photos and all information requested for You can simply send a message stating your availability.

NEW SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading ADDITIONAL PARTY STAFF.

PLEASE INCLUDE: 2 Current Cell Phone Photos (one close up photo and one full length),Your Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside. Height/Weight, Complete Clothing Sizes, Shoe Sizes, Description of visible Tattoos and piercings, Color, Make, Model, Year vehicles.


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