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Hip Hop Dance Team Auditions in New York

Location: New York

Two passionate dance choreographers and a thriving Latina mogul are on a mission to create the best dance team the executives at Hip Hop TV have ever seen. Together they venture out into the New York City streets to find the best dancers it has to offer. As they coordinate showcases, perform in musicals, and deal with the uptight bosses of the network, they discover the world of dance has changed into a pool of hungry vicious dancers aching for a chance to be the number one star. New York City watch out, Hip Hop High Dance Company is orchestrating an unexpected team combined with the hungriest of dancers, a thrill for the ages.

So basically, we will record a “team” of dancers that we’ve created. Their rehearsals, organized shows, casting calls, gigs we book you for etc. With teams that are submitting we will have one person come represent you as a whole for the first few episodes then it’ll lead to the team entering as a whole during our 2nd half of the season working towards the season finale which is a dance showcase open to the public tentative date of March 26th, 2022 and team show spin offs. It’s not quite a reality show, but there will an occasional scripted scene. Filming is based out of NYC, Midtown and scheduling according to the network. We are looking at our first film date for episode 1 on DECEMBER 12TH, 2021 at our headquarters Finch Space Studio MIDTOWN 545 8th ave. Suite 1212. Auditions are in15 minute time blocks. You’ll be provided the list of times available.

Episode 1 will consist of the “audition” portion of the show. Where we select our dancers. During filming I will be casting you for other gigs so that way you’re staying active with us. We are looking to run for approximately 3 months depending on the consistency and diligence of the cast. NDA and release forms must be signed (will send once confirmed participation.

Hip Hop TV Network is open to ALL shows of ALL genres not only dance. This is one of dozens we have already up including Theater plays & musicals. If you’re seeking a place to post your show, musical, films, or even have a small business that needs a bit of a push, I am here to help! Check out our Roku channel which reaches the most traffic out of all streaming platforms we distribute on. Quality does diminish a bit on the website version; however, it’ll still show our diversity and range as a whole. Link is also provided.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Caio

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Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York Please submit to: by 2021-12-08


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