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Hair Modeling Job - Columbus Ohio


Please read below and apply if you are available and fit the requirements. WHAT: This is for a corporate hair model job. At a hair model job you will sit, stand, or walk the runway while industry professionals discuss your hair in order for our clients to market their brand/product via an live audience, photos, or video.

AUDITION DATE: Friday October 4th (pm)

WORK DATES: The job works October 5th (prep), October 6th & 7th (event days)



CASTING “C” -$100.00 minus 10% for PREP, $200.00 minus 10% for EACH event day CASTING “F” -$100.00 minus 10% for PREP, $250.00 minus 10% for EACH event day

ARE ANY OTHER EXPENSES PAID FOR? No unfortunately not.

REQUESTED SIZE REQUIREMENTS: dress size 0-6 (females), 5’6 or taller for casting “F” (very often will go shorter if they are short on models), there is no height requirement for casting “C” REQUESTED AGE RANGE: must be legally 18 and TRULY appear 30 or younger TALENT BREAKDOWN: We are in search of female hair models that are open to some degree of cut and color. The degree of change will vary from model to model and stylist to stylist. If you are open to pastel colors that is a plus, but not a must. We cannot work with weaves, wigs, extensions, or braided hair. No changes are made unless you agree to them. Any and all changes (when applicable) will be discussed at the casting with a professional stylist.

ABOUT US – We have been booking talent for hair & beauty shows for over 15 years. All talent must apply, be approved, and register to attend the casting which is all FREE. If you book you make money, if you don’t you don’t. That’s it. We do not sell or promote any products or brands.

HOW TO APPLY – 1. Simply reply to this email with your photos ATTACHED. *BE SURE to attach one full length shot (professional if available), one regular headshot (professional if available), and one selfie to show your hair as it is RIGHT NOW. 2. TITLE YOUR EMAIL “OHIO CASTING” please. 3. Please include your best contact number, email address, AND full name. 4. Please Include your current height and dress size. **Please do not submit photos of you in sunglasses, a hat, or your hair pulled back, black and whites or overly filtered photos such as those taken on Snapchat.

A free registration & confirmation will be sent to approved models.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Columbus, OH Please submit to: by 2019-10-03


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