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Feature Film Seeks Child Actors

GWC is seeking SAG-AFTRA 9-17 year old kids to portray students with bookbags for the film 'Staten Island.' This is exterior work scheduled for this Monday 7/1 in Staten Island area.

Please email with the subject line marked "FB KIDS 7/1" and provide ALL (!) of the following information:

-Your child's full name -Confirm they are a SAG-AFTRA member -Phone number -Confirm availability for Monday 7/1 -Age and date of birth -Confirm they have a valid NY work permit and trust account set up -Confirm they own a bookbag -Their height and weight -What form of US issued you can provide for their I-9 -Note if they have worked on the film "Staten Island" before and as what/when -Confirm they are comfortable with exterior work -Multiple selfies / full body shots to show their current look.

If we think your child has a good look for this scene, we will reach out to you.



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