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Commercial now casting Out of Work Musicians - $3500 - Toronto Ontario Canada

Jigsaw Casting Ltd. is seeking out-of-work Professional Musicians to uplift Self-Isolating Neighbours during COVID-19 for an Upcoming Campaign!

Let’s brighten the day of a neighbour(s) whose spirits could use a lift, by performing a moving solo just for them, in accordance with physical distancing. Open to any talented professional musician or singer who can accompany themselves with a guitar, violin, bagpipes, cello, fiddle, keyboards, recorded bed track, or other instrument.

If you live beside or across from an individual, couple, or family that is self-isolating at home and having a particularly hard time, share their story with us, and let’s give them a musical boost! Some examples of self-isolating stories include, but are not limited to:

– A senior living on his or her own, who had to spend a birthday in isolation. – Frontline working parents who are struggling to take care of their 3 children. – Parents who just had a baby and haven’t yet introduced their newborn to family and friends due to COVID. – Someone with underlying medical conditions who is afraid to leave home. – A couple who had to call off a big wedding/honeymoon and settle for a small affair at City Hall.

Musicians must perform 2-3 original songs that they have the copyright to or play classical pieces that are in the public domain. In order to qualify, you will need to have lost your job as a musician or lost gigs due to COVID-19 and currently be physical distancing. There will be no need to travel beyond your property, but we’ll need to see your neighbour’s front yard or balcony from the exterior of your home, your lawn or driveway. The performance will be a surprise for your neighbour, plus we will need permission from at least one family member to perform the solo and film it. We’ll supply a loaner iPhone 11 and tripod to use for the shoot, with a tutorial from our director.

Pay is approx. $3500.00 per person, plus a location fee of $250.00 and a rehearsal fee of $250.00, if selected. Chosen musicians will also receive significant national exposure. If you need someone to help you film your neighbour’s reaction, he or she will receive a flat rate of $250.00. Musicians must be members of CFM (Canadian Federation of Musicians) and in good standing. Must be a Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents to apply. No previous acting experience required.

To apply, please make a video. Here are the instructions:

1. Please introduce yourself, giving your name and your location. 2. Tell us about who you wish to surprise with an uplifting performance. Why does your neighbour need this boost? 3. In keeping with your own musical style, sing/play a song for us, accompanying yourself on an instrument if required. 4. Lastly, give us a quick video tour of your indoor and outdoor space (especially your front lawn and driveway), as well as a quick look at your neighbour’s home and front yard from your own property. You can film this on your cell phone. Please keep it under 3 minutes long, then apply online with your video to:

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: May 4th, 2020 at 9am

To be considered for this campaign, you must meet and be available for the following dates:

BOOKING: May 6th, 2020. REHEARSAL/TECH TALK: May 7th, 2020, via Zoom or Facetime, with Director. SHOOT: 1-day shoot, between May 8th and 11th, 2020. Approximately a 15-minute performance + some B-Roll of you set up. Let us know if there is a day that wouldn’t work for you or your neighbor.


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