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Commercial Casting Call For Friends - Toronto Ontario Canada

Milo Casting is Seeking Unlikely Friend Duos in Ontario for a Commercial shot in your Kitchen!

Looking For…

– Looking for Friend duos who are the unlikeliest of friends for any number of reasons. This could be cultural (backgrounds typically at odds?) ideological (Liberal and a Conservative?) contrary lifestyles (Hipster and a banker?) large age gap between friends? Met in an unusual place? Became friends over a random act of kindness? Digital pen pals in different parts of the world?

– Friend duo of any ethnicity and any age

– Friends who are in the same social bubble! (Except for those who live distances away)

– Pairs that can also speak French is an asset but not mandatory

– Preferably one friend should have basic baking skills, but do not let this limit submissions

Details & Submission Information

Those chosen for this campaign will be paid approx. $3000 to $4000 per duo

If interested, you must submit in order to be considered for this project.

Please email the following to:

1. The name, age, location and contact information of each person

2. A couple of photos of yourself (Avoid hats and sunglasses) (No more than 200kb per photo)

3. A brief description of your friendship and how it came to be. Tell us what is unique about your friendship.

4. Please write “Project Unlikely Friends” in the subject line followed by your name.

(i.e.: “Project Unlikely Friends”– Jill & Tina)

You must be available for these key dates:

NO Live Auditions – This will be a direct booking.

SHOOT: ONE DAY ONLY on September 8th, 9th or 10th

Please submit ASAP! Submissions are due by:

**If an agent represents you please allow them to submit you for this project

Questions or Concerns 

Please contact


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