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Casting Single Ladies In Their Golden Years for Reality Show – United States


If so a new reality show is offering up a chance to go on a glamorous vacation.

Single women of a certain age for a fun and glamorous vacation TV series!

A MAJOR NETWORK and the Emmy nominated Casting Firm are seeking beautiful and vivacious SINGLE WOMEN in their 60s, 70s, & 80s who want to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

Whether they’re the world’s best grandma, former disco queens, models or actresses, elegant Grande dames, queens of the country or yacht clubs or self-described cougars – these seasoned women should be young in spirit and LOVE to keep up with the kids.

Seeking amazing, highly energetic women who still like to live and laugh it up like they’re 20! Our fascinating ladies will spend a few weeks at our fabulous, sunny villa, enjoying the best life has to offer: daily adventures, excursions and affairs, exciting parties, elegant dinners, fabulous people, cocktail hour…maybe even mingling with eligible gentlemen!

This inspirational series celebrates fun, friendship & adventure in the golden years! Friends, sisters, college roommates, sorority sisters, etc. are all welcome to apply together!

Does this sound like your mom, aunt or grandmother, or great aunt? If you know someone who deserves the adventure of lifetime, nominate them today.

Email and let us know who the outspoken ‘golden girl’ is in your life! APPLY ONLINE:


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