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Casting Paid Docu-Series On Major Network-Nationwide

Are You BEST Friends With Your Ex?

(Casting Paid Docu-Series On Major Network-Nationwide

✔️Are you (or your significant other) still close with their/your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

✔️Do you spend time together, talk, visit and play an active role in each other’s lives?

✔️Are you (or your ex) currently engaged or in a serious relationship?

A Major TV network and award-winning production company are currently casting couple’s where one or both members still have EXTREMELY close relationships with their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. This is a fun, light-hearted, documentary series that explores the dynamic between past flames and current love. This is an opportunity to share your story, STAR on a fun and all-new TV series and get PAID for participating!

Email: + Name/Age/Location, Phone & Email, Bio & Recent Photos

Note: At least one of the ex's must be in a serious relationship and ideally all parties live in the same city/state. Must be 18+.


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