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Seeking non-union actress to play LAURA’S MOM in Love Bites. Scenes will be filmed on Sunday, August 4 from 1 – 6 p.m. in NYC. (Actress will only be needed for 2 hours or so within this timeframe.)

Laura’s Mom: 26, Caucasian, dark brown or black hair. Beautiful. Very vulnerable. She tries to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, primarily to protect herself and Laura from her husband’s anger and sporadic verbal and physical abuse. She considers herself a victim, too frightened to make waves. While she loves her daughter, she often hurts her unconsciously, taking her anger and frustration out on Laura without realizing it.

Role will be a combination of improv, a few scripted lines, and simple actions (i.e. brushing YOUNG LAURA’S hair). Filmed interactions will be with characters daughter, husband, and both. No pay, but copy, credit, snacks and lunch. Please submit letter of interest, resume and reel ASAP to A filmed monologue showcasing actress’s vulnerability may be sent in lieu of reel. If actress is SURE I know her work, an email of interest will suffice. (I will ask for more if I need it.)


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