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Casting Extras for Anna Kendrick’s New HBO Show “Love Life” - New York

HBO Max’s show, Love Life, which stars Anna Kendrick is now filming in New York.  The show which is described as a romantic comedy comes from executive producer Paul Feig.

According to reports, Anna Kendrick is joined by actors Zoe Chao (“Strangers”), Sasha Compere and Peter Vack in the show.  HBO has ordered 10 episodes of the 1/2 hour show for the upcoming TV season. Lionsgate Television will be producing “Love Life“.  The show is being executive produced by Anna Kendrick as well as Sam Boyd, Paul Feig and Jessie Henderson.  Sam Boyd is directing the pilot episode of the show.

The description of “Love Life” states that the show is “about the journey from first love to last love, and how the people we’re with along the way make us into who we are when we finally end up with someone forever.”

Seems that the shows story will change season to season with each season following a different characters search for love.

Anna Kendrick takes the lead role in the first season.  Kendrick is playing Darby, and Zoe Chao will be playing Darby’s best friend, Sara, Peter Vack will co-star as Sara’s boyfriend.

Interested?  Here is the casting notice below:

GWCI is seeking young guys who play ultimate frisbee for two days of matching work on Thursday 10.24 & Monday 10.28 on new HBOMax series LOVE LIFE starring Anna Kendrick. Ideally seeking males who can portray 16 to 19 yrs old. Full day availability for both days needed. Transportation provided from Manhattan! Please send snapshot (no headshots) to with details below.

Name: Union Status: Email Address: Cell#: Height/Weight: What age can you portray (high school?): 2 ID’s you usually bring to set for payment: Elaborate on athletic Ability in general or frisbee experience:

Again email back to gwcasting with subject line “FRISBEE FB”

GWCI is seeking high school aged girls (13-17 yrs old) or girls legally 18 and older who LOOK high school aged to portray shaved head classmates in upcoming episode of HBOMax series LOVE LIFE.

Seeking girls who have shaved heads OR girls willing to have head shaved. Rate is TBD (possibly $800 to $1000 bump) to have production shave head for the scene!!! This could be 3 days of matching work sometime between 10.23 and 10.30. Please send all info and current snapshots to with subject line “Shave”.

Name: Union Status: (if any) Cell #: Email Address: Do you already have shaved head?: Willing to have head shaved for pay bump?: What two ID’s do you bring to set for payment: Basic Sizes: Age Range:

Again, send all info and snapshots to

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