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Casting Call for Horror Film - Virginia . Maryland . Washington D.C.


Filming will take place within the next few months all over Maryland and sometimes in the DMV areas. The job is paid, non-union.

**Casting is taking place now until JANUARY 31st**

If interested in any of the following characters, email, and you will receive the proper sides for your audition.

FOR CASTING, REQUIREMENTS are as follows: your headshot, resume, and a video of you reading the side(s) corresponding with your character(s).



CAM – early 20s, Latina

The short’s protagonist. A college-aged woman dealing with grief. Intelligent, kind but reserved, slow to open up to people, somewhat naive but with a raw nerve exposed by trauma, and a quiet confidence that can show itself when she feels comfortable.

JEFFREY – 30s to 40s, White

The short’s antagonist. A paranormal investigator, web show host, and true believer. Cold, imposing, cunning but reckless, a confident and steady speaker that can explode into fits of rage and violence when pushed too far.

ERIN – early 20s

Cam’s best friend who disappears without a trace. Carefree and confident in all the ways that Cam isn’t.

GARRETT – mid- to late-20s

A young man fresh out of film school. Laid back, friendly, and quick witted, Garrett doesn’t buy into all this ghost crap, but at the same time he doesn’t feel the need to be an asshole about it either.

ALEC – early 30s

A paranormal investigator who’s worked with Jeffrey for years and believes in the unexplainable just as strongly. He’s loyal and unassuming, empathetic and nervous, and ultimately conflicted over his and Jeffrey’s crimes.


JUDY – 19

A young white female, shy but strong. Living in the 1950’s, Judy is tied down to her racist father, who doesn’t approve of her interracial relationship.

JON – 19

A young black male, he runs and operates the bait and tackle shop. He carries a happy demeanor, and a lot of love in his heart for Judy.


ANNA – 20s

White cis woman, mid-20s, light hair. Anna is steadfast and secure in her beliefs, but a lack of self-introspection in her behavior leads to problems in her interpersonal relationships. She recently graduated from college and is working as a grant writer now.

GEORGE – 50s

White cis man, mid-50s, light hair. George loves his daughter Anna, but due to deep frustration from his family’s estrangement and his financial position, he takes his anger out on the wrong people. He’s an archetypical redneck with a military background.


Black/indigenous man, mid-20s. Tristan is a fun and passionate person who struggles accomplishing goals due to his financial position. He’s Anna’s old friend from high school, and he’s in the process of establishing a co-op for artists.

JAMES – 20s

White cis man, mid-20s. James is easygoing and caring, but slightly aloof about the world outside his life. He’s Anna’s cousin and newly married to Caroline.


White cis woman, mid-20s. Caroline is friendly but apolitical, mostly absorbed in her own life. She was recently married to James.

Legend of the Drain Man:

The Child – 12 to 14, looking for someone who can play/look younger, around 10 The short’s protagonist, a young girl, silent throughout the film, whose innocent world is interrupted by the intrusion of a monster known as the Drain Man. Imaginative, adventurous, and tough, she takes up the charge of her family members before her to hunt and slay this horrible beast. (Two Notes: There are no sides for this character as she has no dialogue so please just submit headshots instead of an audition tape. Also, the role will involve some stunt work.)

The Drain Man – Late 20s to Early 40s A monster who lives in the drains outside of The Child’s suburban neighborhood, he feasts on the blood on children and stalks the woods in his huge, monstrous form. (Two Notes: Also will not have sides provided as he also does not have dialogue. Headshots and measurements will suffice. Will potentially involve heavy makeup.)

The Father – Late 30s to 40s Father of the Child, he believes she has a right to know about the dangers of the Drain Man, and eventually encourages her to train and arm herself to hunt and kill the monster.

The Mother – Late 30s to 40s Mother of the Child, she wants to shield her from the dangers of the world and the truth of the Drain Man. The idea of losing the Child if often too much for her to bear, and causes friction with her husband.


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