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Casting Call for a Fun Ad - Miami Florida

Casting Call for 6 actors of all ethnicities for a couple very brief but fun scenes for an ASL (American Sign Language) ad. The ad is a relatively low budget production for a small, online-based provider of resources for ASL students.

You would be required to perform the conversations, but they’re really easy and very brief! Here’s an example of a sentence you’d perform: “Did you know, they have the sign for pierogi?” The hand gestures are even fewer than the words in the sentence.

Location: North Miami Beach

Date of production: Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pay rate: $75

Type of project: Small run, online

Actors needed:

(3) Men age 20-55 (any ethnicity)

(3) Woman age 20-55 (any ethnicity)

Contact: — please attach your demo reel and headshot.


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