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Auditions for Various Roles in “Rich Christmas” - Washington D.C.

Seeking actors for a SAG-AFTRA feature film!

Location: Prince George’s County, MD (local hires preferred)

Date: Dec 2nd – Dec 18th

Compensation: Standard SAG rates


TIFFANY – African-American; 18yr old- early 20’s; extremely feminine, pretty and posh with a mean girl appeal.

SERENITY – African-American, Latino, Ethnically ambiguous; 18 yr old- early 20’s, Charming, pretty and posh yet, sensible and in touch. Tiffany can come off like a mean girl but when it counts, she’s always dependable.

MR. PRANCER – Caucasian; 60-70’s, Studious and stern. Mr. Prancer is a retired teacher who wears glasses and isn’t too inviting.

MRS. PRANCER – Caucasian; 60’s – 70’s, graceful, tall and slim. A retired dancer, Mrs. Prancer is a statuesque woman who is very artsy.

MR. BAILEY – African American; 50’s, Arrogant, wealthy, well dressed (Italian suit- no tie) and father to Tiffany Bailey. He is fed up with his daughter’s laziness, yet extremely impressed by Valerie’s hard work and dedication. Mr. Bailey is powerful in his appearance and commands attention his way


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Washington DC Please submit to: Submit headshots, resumes, and reels (if available)


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