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Asprecreme Commercial is now Casting Grandparents - New York


CASTING real grandparents in the New York area for a non-union commercial for Aspercreme.

1. Seeking real interracial couples who are grandparents. 2. Seeking real LGBTQ couples who are grandparents.

Grandkid(s) can range in age. Grandkids DO NOT have to appear in the commercial with you BUT you will be showing the photos of your grandkids in the commercial.

Films in NYC March 12th (with a fitting on March 11th) Usage: 1 year digital, with possible upgrade to broadcast. Pays $500 for the shoot PLUS an additional $1800 if your face is clearly recognizable in the commercial. Optional: Broadcast TV rights option offers an upgrade of $1500 per person per spot for 1 year with same renewal options.

1. Name and contact info 2. Where do you reside? Where do your grandkids reside? 3. What active/physical activities you like to do with your grandkids? 4. Please email us a few photos of you and of your grandkids.


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