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Adventure Film Casting - Isle of Skye Scotland

Please submit your auditions to by August 9th 2019.

2 Roles: a Mother: mid-40’s and a Daughter: between 15-19 years old.

I have a budget of 100 pounds per actress. Ideally were looking for a girl between 16-19 and a mother in her mid 40’s. If there is anyone in your acting community that might be interested we would love to consider them for the role. Please send submissions to, we will be choosing out roles this upcoming week.

Filming: September 4th 2019 Time: 13:00 – 22:00 Location: Isle of Skye Length for Video: 60 Seconds Premise: A mother and daughter go hiking around Skye. They explore all over the place. By the end of the film the viewer finds out the mother to reliving a hike she did with her mom. The mother mails her mom a box with a lot of things that make her remember that original hike.

Here’s a passion project film I created last year:

Thanks again for your time and I hope to chat with you soon!

Best, Patrick

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Isle of Skye, Scotland Please submit to:



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