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Actors of Color in Boston and Rhode Island for Training Videos

Location: Boston, MA and/or Providence, RI

Type: Other Projects

Looking for actors to help train clinicians to deliver interviews with caregivers of students who are having behavioral challenges at school. Hiring two actors to play the role of caregivers of students: one Latinx male and one Black female. The actors would be responsible for two trainings. The first would be completing the CITI Program Social & Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel and Social & Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel online training. The second would be attending one hour long training to learn and practice their scripts/case vignettes and to compete. Case scripts will be provided in advance of that meeting. Note, all trainings and interviews will occur over Zoom account and be recorded.

Each actor would then act as caregiver in 50 thirty-minute “interviews” via Zoom over the course of the summer with clinicians. In sum, each actor would be responsible for 25 hours of acting time and plus two hours of training. For their skill and flexibility, actors will be reimbursed $40 an hour, totaling $1080 each by the end of the summer (or the last interview, whichever comes first).

To book an audition, contact us by email at Please include the first name, last name, and resume.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA and/or Providence, RI Please submit to: by 2021-06-18 Resume


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