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Actors for Student Short - Denton Texas


*RVSP: Phone #: 972-480-7378 (TEXT US) *Email:

Location: RTFP BUILDING. Room: 180F DATE: November 9th, 10-2:00PM (If you are unable to attend at this time please send an inquiry to the emails above and we shall provide lines to send a video audition by Sunday Nov.10th)

Character descriptions:

Sam MacNeil: Male, Age 21-26. Dorky and energetic guy who is an aspiring puppeteer.

Mr. Rivers: Male, Age 30+. Stern but approachable director of Children’s TV Show who is clear and to the point.

Ms. Angell: Female, Age 25+. Slightly intimidating casting director and assistant for Children’s TV Show.

Clementine: Looking for a Voice Actor to portray the lovable blue puppet of the Children’s TV Show. Must be able to portray the playful funness of the puppet as well as his dark and sinister true side.

This is a non-paying Student Film, we will provide food, credit, and copy of the film! PLEASE JOIN US!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Denton, TX Please submit to:


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