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Video Auditions for “The Quarantine Collective” Indie Film

Seeking real stories to create a series of short films consisting of self-submitted videos of people who are affected by the current global pandemic, COVID-19. The videos will be a compilation of people sharing their thoughts, how they’re affected, what they’re doing to cope, etc. Eventually the submitted clips will be sorted into categories of similar experiences.

If you’re interested in being in this series, please submit a video to keeping the following details in mind-

All videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. In the video please share your name, location (Country/State), and occupation (if you have more than one ‘title’, please share!) * Example: My name is Joan Apple and I live in New York. I’m a mom, retail worker, student, and writer.

As a part of the video please finish the following sentence “I miss ___” This can be a short or expanded answer, you choose!

Here are some optional prompts you may want to answer and discuss for the video!

– How has the current global situation affected you? – Has it affected your occupation? – Has anyone in your life been directly affected? – What precautions are you taking to ensure safety? – What are you doing to cope and stay positive?

Deadline: Sunday, April 12th If your video is chosen to be a part of the series, you’ll be contacted and asked if you’d like your name and any promotional links credited in the project. You will also be sent the link and copy of the completed project.

We can make it through these times. Stay safe, stay positive!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide – Remote Project


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