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Verizon Wireless Commercial Open Casting Call - United States

Verizon Wireless and Fios Casting Call

Do you have both Verizon Wireless and Fios?

Casting directors are looking for families, couples, or individuals who currently have both a Verizon Unlimited plan and Fios Home Internet.

Are you a person who:

Only chooses the best service no matter what?Needs reliable internet, whether at home or on the go?Travels around Africa and chose Verizon because it’s reliable everywhere?Relies on the network to stay connected to family and friends while traveling?Switched to Verizon because of a positive experience with Fios?Switched to Fios because of a positive experience with Wireless?Has a home with many internet users and needs a strong network that won’t bog down?Has a job that requires them to work remotely and from home?

Bilingual families (English and Spanish) encouraged to apply.

Please submit:

Email for instructions on how to submit or visit here

Interviews (via Skype or FaceTime):

March 21st – March 26th

Possible second interviews:

April 1st

Must be available:

April 7th – April 8th (if NYC), April 4th-9th if not based in New York City.


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