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The Big Sky’ TV Pilot Open Casting Call - Las Vegas New Mexico


BACKGROUND – BIG SKY PILOT MEN & WOMEN LIVING IN LAS VEGAS NM or surrounding area We will be filming in Las Vegas NM 23-27 March All Ethnicities, Heights & Weight MUST BE 18 YRS OLD & OLDER BG Rate – $11 per hr, guaranteed 8 hrs, time & half after 8 hrs. Plus Bump for Bike If you are interested in being on the show, submit the following info: Your Name Cell CURRENT PHOTO OF YOU – We need clear, in daylight & just you in the photo (no distant shots NO HATS, NO SUNGLASSES OR FILTERS in photo pls) PICTURE MUST BE FULL HEADSHOT (Will not be printing out photos with top of head chopped off or any blurry, dark photos) Age Height Weight Sizes – Shirt, Pants & Shoes Availability Location (WHERE YOU LIVE) – only need city, eg Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, etc. We only need town NO physical address Vehicle Info – Year, Color Make & Model – Pls include a picture of your vehicle Tattoos – pls advise if you have tattoos & if so where PLS DO NOT CALL OR TEXT US. PLS SUBMIT AN EMAIL. Pls email all the above information to In the Subject Line LAS VEGAS


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