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Singer Auditions Nationwide for Les Miserables GENDERSWAPPED

Location: Nationwide

Type: Singers

This online project is a very long ongoing project I have been working on for about five years now. Here’s the twist about this full cover: All roles will be genderswapped!

After a lot of hard work, we are FINALLY in the home stretch! Currently, the LAST role to be completed is the female role of Jean Valjean. All other roles have either already been completed and/or cast.

This casting call will remain open until I have the cast member I need.

Payment for the role is $50, but I am willing to negotiate.


1. You MUST be committed to the project! After losing actors about 60+ times, I will be much stricter about how long you can stay on before you will be replaced. At the very least, tell me if you must drop out so I’m not sitting around waiting for lines that are never going to come.

2. For the sake of auditions, just sing the words as originally written. Changes will be made during the actual project.

3. Your audition must have an instrumental of the song requested. This is to ensure that you sing in the correct key and can hit the right notes.

4. Sheet music of the full score will be provided to assist with learning notes and harmonies. You must either be able to read sheet music or be able to figure out which notes are yours.


Recording for this project will NOT be something that you can pump out in an hour. It will take time to learn all of the proper parts and harmonies. For this particular role, I will give you five or six numbers at a time. Once those songs are completed and everything sounds okay, we will move on to the next round of numbers. I am always very willing to extend deadlines and I’m very understanding of life circumstances, however, I also won’t sit around for six months waiting for you to record your part.

Payment will be given to the person cast upon SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE ROLE. I have had multiple people disappear throughout the course of this project, some unpaid and some paid. I’m not going to give whoever is cast money until I have all the lines I need so that I don’t waste my time and money for someone who is not dedicated. It will be administered through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account.

This role require a good deal of emotion and a wide vocal range. Show me everything you have in the audition, so I know you will do so in the real thing. I generally recommend singing in your lower register when possible so that you have room to belt and give a lot of energy and power to the bigger notes.

Above all, make sure to have fun!

Link to the channel where videos will be posted upon completion:

AUDITION SONGS: -“Who Am I?” “Who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery” to the end of the song (Reference instrumental:

-“Bring Him Home” “Bring him peace, bring him joy” to the end of the song (Reference instrumental:

-“Valjean’s Soliloquy” “One word from him and I’d be back” to the end of the song (Reference instrumental:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide Please submit to: Please submit audition songs with requested instrumentals and raw vocals as an .mp3 or .wav file to the email listed


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