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Show “King of Collectibles” Now Casting People With One of a Kind Items.

Each episode of “King of Collectibles” features a different collector or a group of collectors who have amassed an impressive assortment of items. From vintage comic books to rare sports memorabilia, antique furniture to classic cars, the show offers a diverse range of collectibles that appeal to a wide audience.

The show also highlights the expertise and knowledge required to be a successful collector. Experts, appraisers, and industry insiders often make appearances to provide insights and analysis on the featured items. This adds depth to the narrative, helping viewers understand the historical and cultural significance of the collectibles and their market value.

  • Have you ever wondered if your item is worth BIG BUCKS?

  • Do you believe you may have a VALUABLE one-of-a-kind item and want it evaluated?

  • Do you own something related to music, entertainment or history and have a feeling it’s worth something?

  • Do you have an attic or garage that could include a hidden treasure?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, and you live within driving distance of South New Jersey we want to hear from you! APPLY NOW:


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