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Several Roles for Feature Film - Dallas Texas

Paid – DFW area

Project: Mr. Gates – Feature Film (union & non-union talent welcome)

Production Company: Dondaga Films LLC

Filming in June & July

Please send headshot & resume, as well as a reel, if you have it, to the email above.

Open roles are listed below:


LITTLE GIRL, Female, African-American, 8,

YOUNG PRE-SCHOOL GIRL, Female, Caucasian, 9, Blonde w/Rosy Cheeks

TAYLOR GATES, Female, African-American, 9, light skinned African-American

JAMIE, Female, AA/Cauc. mixed, 17,

SARAH, Female, Caucasian, 17, Outgoing, friendly, full of energy

CANDACE GATES, Female, African-American, 17, light skinned African-American

VICTORIRA, Female, Russian, 20s,

REPORTER JENNY TRAN, Female, Asian, 20s,

EVELYN PAOMER, Female, Caucasian, 20s, Receptionist, confident

COURT REPRESENTATIVE, Female, African-American, 30s,

SEXY STRIPPER, Female, any ethnicity, 30s,

TIFFANY HARRISON, Female, African-American, 30s, light skinned African-American

GATHERINE MILLER, Female, AA/Cauc. mixed, 30s,

DETECTIVE SANDERS, Female, African-American, 30s,

LARISA MOROZ, Female, Russian, 30s, Attractive Corporate Type

NATALYA LEVIN, Female, Russian, 30s, Attractive Runway Model

ANN WILLIAMS, Female, African-American, 40s, Executive Assistant

CRYSTAL ANDREWS, Female, any ethnicity, 40s, Female Gira employee, hard worker

REPORTER , Female, Asian, 40s, Professional in Business Attire

BENNY’S MOM, Female, Hispanic, 50s, Passive, Sweet elder

JUDGE RICHARDS, Female, any ethnicity, 50s,

  1. BONNIE, Female, African-American, 60s, Motherly Christian

POLICE DISPATCHER, Female, any ethnicity, any age,

CROWD WOMAN, Female, any ethnicity, any age,


YOUNG BOY, Male , any ethnicity, 10, Rough, yet playful

TEENAGER, Male , any ethnicity, 14-18, (how many do we need?)

YOUNG CHRISTOPHER GATESS, Male , African-American, 20s, Military Haircut

STRANGER, Male , Caucasian, 30,

ROBBER 1, Male , any ethnicity, 30s, Thuggish, angry & muscular

ROBBER 2, Male , any ethnicity, 30s, Rough street thug

JOHNNY ADAMS, Male , any enthnicity, 30s, Rocker/Goth Employee

OMAR THOMAS, Male , Hispanic, 30s, Conceited

JIN LEE, Male , Asian, 30s,

OFFICER BATES, Male , Caucasian, 30s, Redneck

BENNY, Male , Hispanic, 30s, Bisexual behavior

MAN #2, Male , Russian, 30s,

VIKTOR VASILIEV, Male , Russian, 30s, Controlling Presence

KEVIN PHILLIP, Male , African-American, 30s,

GENTLEMAN 1, Male , Russian, 40s,

GENTLEMAN 2, Male , Russian, 40s,

OFFICER JENKINS, Male , Caucasian, 40s, Redneck

HOMELESS MAN, Male , African-American, 40s,

SECURITY, Male , Caucasian, 40s, Overweight

MAN #1, Male , Russian, 40s,

MAN #3, Male , Russian, 40s,

ANTON VASILIEV, Male , Russian, 40s, Evil Presence

DETECTIVE COLE, Male , Caucasian, 40s,

OFFICER CRAVEN, Male , Caucasian, 40s, Policeman

CHARLES GATES, Male , African-American, 50s, Grey & Black hair

BORIS STEPANOV, Male , Russian, 50s, Russian Professional

ALEXANDER VASILIEV, Male , Russian, 60s, Grey hair

DOCTOR, Male , Caucasian, 60s, heartbroken

BILL MCGRAY, Male , Caucasian, 60s, Black business suit

CHIEF GORDON, Male , African-American, 60s, Hardcore American


CROWD MAN, Male , any ethnicity, any age,

GUNMAN, Male , Russian, any age, Black Swat Gear


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