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Music Video in New York Casting Male Actors


We’re looking for an actor to be the face of our latest project. In short, we write, record and produce music and then get actors such as yourself to play the role of the characters performing the music. As the music is contemporary rap music, we use older actors to play the role of the performing artist (the rapper) creating a juxtaposition that has captivated and fascinated millions of people worldwide.

We began the project in London in late 2017 and have since had great success and are looking to expand internationally. Currently we have 1.1 million+ regular viewers and have reached over 30 million views worldwide with our content and have worked with: Vice, BBC, Playstation, Barclays Bank, Channel 4, ITV, GRM Daily, ARD, Spotify and many more major international media outlets.

We’d love to be able to explain properly over the phone however, essentially you would become a famous musical artist in the eyes of the public, benefiting both financially (taking home a percentage of revenue from live shows, appearances, advertising and more) and personally as you gain celebrity status. At the same time we benefit financially as our songs are streamed and played online.

We’ll be in New York in August and would be looking to film a series of 4 music videos. If you are interested please email us a picture and any video footage you have of yourself.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York Please submit to:


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