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City on A Hill' Extras Casting - New York


GWCI seeking a real choir for work on the Showtime series CITY ON A HILL. The choir would be portraying a 1990’s Boston church choir singing during choir practice. Specifically seeking a choir of about 15-20 people. Must be 18 or older.

Tentatively shoots 3/17 in Yonkers, NY . Plus a few TBD dates throughout the rest of the season (now through May, not weekends) Pays: $833/day per person.

If interested please email and the change the subject line of your email: “FB, Choir”:

-Choir name -How many members in the choir? -list the names of the members -Contact person’s name & Phone number -Confirm choir’s availability for 3/17 and note if you have flexible availability now through May. -a group photo of the current choir -where is your choir based? -Are you all legal to work in the US? -send a clip of your choir singing (can be from a recent performance)

We will be submitting options to the director. We will let you know what they decide.

Please write in the subject line of your email: “Choir Out Reach”


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