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Casting for Film - DMV . West Virginia . Eastern Pennsylvania

Casting Call for our film “Serious Profession”. If you have already submitted, you DO NOT need to submit again.

Production title: Serious Profession Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent Project length: Feature film (95 minutes) Project format: 16:9 HD Production Company: Key 13 Film Partners Company website: Director: Matthew Anderson Producers: Key 13 Film Partners Casting Director: Matthew Anderson Audition Location: (Online) Key 13 Studio, Frederick MD Shooting Location: Frederick MD, Martinsburg WV, Berryville, VA Email: Compensation: Craft Services, IMDB Credit, Demo reel footage KEY DATES Auditions: February 2021 Shooting Starts: 14 April 2021 (est) Shooting Ends: 21 September 2021 (est)

Synopsis: “Serious Profession” follows a day in the life of Kite and Winn, two collectors for a local crime boss. As they go about their day, we meet the interesting men and women who are on their “rounds”. The two of them engage in conversations about the lives they live, and about how to best navigate an ever changing and dangerous world.

Casting information: PLEASE READ Character Bios: Speaking Roles Winn (Lead Character): Male age 25-36, tall in good physical shape. A former member of another gang, Winn is learning the ropes from Mr. Kite, a senior member of the organization. He is a very direct person, and not afraid to speak his mind. He always seems to be capable of great violence, but maintains a calm demeanor.

Johnny Buffalo: Male age 25-35. Habitual gambler, living hand to mouth with a young son. Always looks nervous and scared. Average looking.

Billy Buffalo: male age 6-8 years old. Son of Johnny Buffalo. Mr. Jawalla: Male age 40-60 from south east Asia. Owner of a convenience store. A very friendly and cheerful man.

Det. Campbell: Male or female age 35-45. Corrupt cop who asks for a favor from Kite.

Justina: Female age 30-55, Hispanic. Owner of a boutique who owes money to the organization, and needs an extension on her loan. Very nervous and pleading.

Clerk: Female age 18-25. Cute and friendly, very southern with an accent. Attractive, very fashionable. Uncomfortable with the presence of Kite and Winn.

Lydia Gull: Female age 25-55. Witness to a crime who Kite and Winn have to convince not to testify. At first friendly, but quickly understands that she is being threatened.

David: Male age 20-25. Owner of legalized marijuana shop. In shape, very angry at having to pay protection money.

Katie: Female age 6-8. Daughter of Kite’s former partner. Precocious and energetic. Very friendly.

Tina: Female age 25-35: attractive but does not take any crap from anyone. The boss of Locke and Stepp. Carries a pump action shotgun.

Non-speaking roles Mrs. Jawalla (convenience store): Female age 30-60 from south east Asia. Wife of Mr. Jawalla. Looks angry.

Customer (boutique): Female. Being helped by the clerk in trying on clothes.

Customers (headshop) three (18 or older).

Staff and Customers (beauty salon) five women (beauticians or customers).

Locke and Stepp: Two hitmen who work for Tina.

Rita (restaurant): Cashier who is asked to leave the room. Will also have to play dead.

Kite’s wife: Age 35-50.

Kite’s son: Age 14-18.

Winn’s wife: Age 25-30.

Winn’s daughter: Age 6-8.

To be considered, you MUST send your CV/Resume to Do not use messenger or the contact form on our webpage. If you DO NOT reside in the DMV or Eastern PA/WV areas, or are not within 90 minutes from Frederick, you must state you are willing to travel in your email. All actors will be required to provide their own transportation to and from the filming locations.

To audition, you must send in a resume and a headshot. If selected, we will send you the sides for you to read for your video audition and instructions on how to submit. You may be asked to provide a different reading during this time. Once the producers agree, a callback or chemistry test will be scheduled. At this time, we expect the callbacks to be in person, but that will depend on COVID restrictions.

If you have any questions, please contact


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