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Casting Dark Comedic Short - Atlanta Georgia

O.M. R. is a short film

OMR is the Dark Comedy about two best friends who are trying to go on a soul searching journey during the end of the world.

Xia Locke –Female – 20s – Xia is recovering from a traumatic event in her life and decides to go on a soul searching journey to recover. She is a foul mouth punk that believes she owns this world. She would consider herself a rebel and doesn’t matter who she hurts.

Nicole Herbert –20s – Female – Xia’s best friend. She is normally the more calm one even though, when pushed, is more wild than Xia. She is always trying to protect Xia from herself. She is more on the curvy side.

Candice – 18 – 25 Female – Curvy Figure. Candice is a coworker of Nicole at the Hooters-like restaurant, who has been abused by her boss, TED, at her job

Lyla – Any Race, Female 18 to 24 – A Rookie Spirit guide who was sent to try and help Xia on her Journey.

Filming takes place in Atlanta, Georgia Late 2020/2021

If you would like to submit to this project please send an email, with your headshot and resume to

In your email, please use subject line ONE2020(Role you’re going for)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia Please submit to: by 2020-11-28 Send an email to, with all of your information (Headshot and Resume)


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