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Casting Call for Women - Chicago Illinois


I’m producing a short film written & directed by my very talented friend,

Sade May

. Our project is called “1-800-GET-SEXY”, and revolves around a socially awkward, sexually repressed young woman (Noor, ages 25-35) in the 80s who works as a customer service representative for the fictional company “Jockey’s Frozen Dinners & Jockstraps”.

After her favorite late night TV host begins to channel her conscience and speak to her through her television set, she decides to try her hand at becoming a phone sex operator.

The film itself is highly comedic and absurd, while also dealing with more serious themes such as grief, identity, repression, & self acceptance.

Our production has committed to an all-women crew (with a focus on racial & ethnic diversity) in order to capture the complexities of female desire.

This is a PAID position, and our current plan is to film in Chicago in LATE MAY, though this might change as we move forward with pre-production.

If you’re at all interested in being considered for a virtual audition, please send your HEADSHOT, RESUME, and REEL/MONOLOGUE (something comedic!) to:

Also feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the production!! I am more than happy to give some more details.


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