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Casting Call for New FOX TV Show “Filthy Rich” - New Orleans Louisiana


Folks in the area have a chance to work as a paid extra on “Filthy Rich.” The new show is filming in the New Orleans area and casting directors with Central have put out a casting notice for area locals that would like to work as paid television extras in upcoming scenes.

Sex and the City star, Kim Cattrall seems to be starring in the new FOX television series “Filthy Rich.” According to Deadline, Cattrall is also serving as the show’s producer on the pilot which is filming in Louisiana.

The show is described as a soap opera/ comedy / drama and comes from Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox TV.


Tate Taylor is serving as the director. “Filthy Rich” is based on a show from New Zealand. The New Zealand series of the same name, Filthy Rich, was created by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang. The show premiered in 2016 and is rumored to have the biggest budget of any show in that country. In 2017, FOX announced that they had acquired the rights for the show. No premiere date is yet scheduled.

The series is set in the south and focuses on the lives of 2 women. The family affair drama / comedy begins with the death of a wealthy businessman, by way of a plane crash. This was not just any company CEO, the dead man was the head of the world’s largest Christian network. The death gets his family scrambling to see the will and when they do, they find out that the man has 2 illegitimate, grown children which are also named in his will with the rest of their clan.


When the family finds out about the other 2 kids, they try to make them go away. Those 2 kids have other plans and decide that they will in fact be sticking around for a bit and maybe even trying to get involved in the family business.



The series will start filming mid-September! Stay tuned on our page and on your phone for casting notices!

BG rates will start at $100 / 10 hours.

We look forward to casting you this season!

You MUST BE registered or plan to register with Central Casting in order to work on this project!

Registration details and required documents can be found on our website:

Open Call:

Announcing our Algiers Open Registration on Friday, Sept 6th!

If you have not registered with Central Casting, but would like to work on the series Filthy Rich, come register with us on Friday, September 6th at the Algiers Regional Library! There will be plenty of free parking!

We are looking forward to meeting and registering new talent for our show “Filthy Rich”.

PLEASE NOTE: this open call is for NEW registrants only. No updates will be handled at this event. If you would like to update your profile, you can sign up for an update at this link If you are already registered with Central Casting, you will be considered for this show and any future shows we cast.

Since Central Casting is an E-Verify company, everyone who registers, INCLUDING MINORS, must have a VALID PHOTO ID from the Lists of Acceptable Documents: **The non-photo ID options in List B do not apply to minors pursuing employment with E-Verify companies.



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