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Casting Call for DC Comic’s ‘The Suicide Squad 2’ - Atlanta Georgia


Suicide Squad will be directed by James Gunn who is also writing. At the moment, the film is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021, so fans still have quite a wait ahead.

The film is looking to cast lots of area locals that would like to work as paid extras, stand-ins and photo doubles on set.  There are also probably quite a few featured roles to fill as well.  Those who are interested and live in the area are welcome to follow the instructions below to get their pics and contact information to the casting directors.  The movie will begin filming in September and is expected to film through January of 2020 in Atlanta.  The details are listed below and some roles do require things like “boot camp.” prior to filming.


According to GWW, James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ is using the working title of “El Dorado.” Not much info is floating around about the movie.  It’s currently unknown what the story will revolve around, but that working title may be a clue to some gold involved? This will be the sequel to the previous Suicide Squad movie and rumor has it that there will be a change in character line ups.

Collider has reported that the characters,t Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Peacemaker may be brought into the new movie and reports from this past spring do state that Will Smith may not be reprising his last role as Dead Shot.


Director James Gunn has been dropping hints about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie including hinting that the new film may not even be a sequel, but in fact a reboot of the franchise. While everyone seems to be guessing at the characters which will comprise the Suicide Squad, Gunn also hinted that Harley Quin may be a part of this one. There was also a story in Variety which claimed that they expect Margot Robbie to reprise her role.


Interested?  Here is the casting call:

We need lots of people for this amazing film, and more MEN!

We especially need CENTRAL AMERICAN looking MEN and women for both a Panama night club scene that is key in the film, as well as physically fit men and women of all ethnicities to be Guerilla soldiers!

If you already submitted for this film, we have your submission. No need to submit again. See this link or the info below.

“EL DORADO” – Feature film, filming in ATLANTA, GA

Below are instructions on how to submit for some of the first types needed and for photo presentations to the DIRECTOR

Please read all info carefully before submitting – thank you in advance! FILMING FILMING will take place in ATLANTA from Thurs 9/19 thru Thurs 1/30 (2020!) Several types will be selected EARLY, due to fittings, and to get the best people lined up for the spots!

– Film days are anywhere from 8 to 14 hrs long, most likely the latter. Your entire day, when booked, must be open! – The casting information below is to work** as a PAID EXTRA . – The extras we hire, must be local and/OR able to work/stay in the Greater ATLANTA area as a local hire (we do not provide travel or lodging).


HOW TO SUBMIT PHOTOS and INFO should be ALL TOGETHER in ONE COMPLETE EMAIL (NOTE: If you need to send a revision or if you forget something in an email, please send ALL of the info and photos together in one complete REVISED email- thank you in advance for that 📷 Continued on next page….

SUBMISSION EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: PHOTOS TO INCLUDE: Please send between 2 or more photos ALL PHOTOS should be CURRENT, CLEAR photos in good light!! Please take photos in front of a neutral background and in good light (avoid being backlit, etc..). WEAR AN OUTFIT that is NEUTRAL in color and/or looking the part! Please send NON-SMILING and SMILING photos – some of each (your non-smiling photos should be a more serious and/or intense look, but not jokey or over-the-top. If you have professional photos, please also send some candid photos that are not touched up, etc… Selfies are ok, as long as they are not strange angles , or just your head!! PLEASE SEND AT LEAST: – 1 photo from the chest or shoulders up…a “face” photo – 1 photo from the knees up or full length – the add’l photos can be variations of the first 2 or other looks that are appropriate HAIR- current color/length and facial hair in your photos only!!!** **Do NOT send photos of a hair style or looks that you don’t currently have!!

INFO TO INCLUDE: Always include the following info in all submissions, in a LIST format in the body of your email. Please also make sure you put the correct SUBJECT, IN the subject line of your submission email, as listed under each type needed. This is key for your email to go into the right folder on our end.

First and Last NAME (this should be your legal name that matches your photo ID) PHONE NUMBER (s) (XXX-XXX-XXXX format please) EMAIL address (yes, please list in the body of your email, to verify) CITY & STATE (where you live/where you will be coming from!) (NOTE: IF YOU ARE FROM FARTHER than a few hours away from ATLANTA , please list/note if you have a LOCAL PLACE TO STAY. STATS/SIZES: MEN: WOMEN: Age Age Height Height Weight Weight Jacket size Dress size Shirt (collar x sleeve) Bust/Bra/Cup Pants (waist x inseam) Waist Shoe Shoe

TATTOOS List, if any (where, how large, etc…) or say “No Tattoos” ACTING ABILITY- include resume or ACTING experience if you have training and/or acting experience for all categories Experience is not necessary but always good to know, especially for featured spots! Continued on next page…. MILITARY/WEAPONS EXPERIENCE: For ALL types, we would like to know your experience either IN the military or with weapon or combat/martial arts training, IF you have any Please LIST your experience in a few sentences, that pertain to MILITARY, WEAPONS and/or COMBAT/MARTIAL ARTS training, under your stats TYPES NEEDED – there are 2 LISTED for now Please make sure you put the correct SUBJECT (minus the “ “ ) in the subject line of your submission email, as listed under each type needed. MEN and WOMEN that are PHYSICALLY FIT to play soldiers (think “guerillas”) NOTE: SOME of these people need to have military and weapons training but NOT ALL Please make sure you list experience under your stats in your submission!! Age range: 18 to 50! HISPANIC, BLACK, ASIAN, and MID-EASTERN LOOKS Hair length can be longer (men) and facial hair ok! WORKS several dates, but this group MUST BE AVAIL for a BOOT CAMP 8/20 to 8/22 PAY: $100 with OT after 8 hrs SOME (not all) of this group will receive add’l $50 for firing weapons during scene) EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: WRITE “FIGHT THE FIGHT“ MEN and WOMEN for PANAMA NIGHT CLUB Age range: 18 to 65 HISPANIC / CENTRAL AMERICAN LOOKS WORKS at the end of October, HOWEVER some of these need to be chosen early on, due to a story line/costume that needs to be made. PAY: $80 with OT after 8 hrs EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: WRITE “PANAMA CLUB“

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ADDITIONAL POSTS! We will need other specific types. Thank you!


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