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Casting Call for a New Pilot - Detroit Michigan

*CASTING CALL* Broken Television Entertainment is now casting for a new pilot called “Swipe Right” that will begin filming tentatively 6/13/2021 near Detroit Michigan. Swipe Right is a new concept series in development about a group of friends in their early to mid thirties navigating the dating world in today’s technologically advanced scene. How are we supposed to find connection when we live in such an unconnected time? Dating apps, social media and having the ability to instantly connect with anyone at any time makes things even more difficult while trying to find a real and meaningful connection. The overarching message of the show is the idea of finding your real family through that of your friends. The people who are always there for you through heart ache and pain and managing those relationships along side romantic ventures.

This is a PAID acting gig.

Rates will be discussed at a later date privately. The following list of characters will be needed for up to three shoot dates. We’ll know more as we get closer to shooting.

If interested please email us at with a headshot, resume and demo reel/example(s) of work if available along with which role you are interested in auditioning for. We will then send you the sides for the selected character after reviewing your email if we see you as a good fit initially. These will be video auditions due no later than 12/04/2020 by 11 P.M. If needed for callbacks we will reach out by the end of December and conduct an interview along with some extra readings via Zoom or Skype. ———————————–


Oliver Maxwell – Male 30s – Young professional in his early thirties. He has been generally unsuccessful in adult life. He tries to live his best life and follow his dream career, ultimately unsuccessfully, and had to find a mindless 9 to 5 in order to live. In general relationships, he has a hard time opening up to others. He lets his previous failures keep him closed off from others. Because of this, he hasn’t been able to have any extensive romantic relationship. The combination of lack of trust, and inability to start conversations with strangers, has lead to life of hidden loneliness.

Dylan Brady – Female Late 20s/ Early 30s – Dylan grew up with the belief of hard work and elbow grease pays off. She enjoys conversation which makes her job as a bartender her favorite part of her life. Her definition of life success is happiness, which she seems happy, but she definitely has gaps in her life. She portrays happiness on the outside, but those gaps are large internally. Her relationships with the others is about making sure that they are living their best life, and are the happiest they can be. While keeping this in mind, she’s not afraid to break balls. She keeps her friends grounded. Dylan enjoys more of a rigid lifestyle, but tries to venture out of her bubble at times. While she portrays that loose cannon on the outside, a lot of things get to her on the inside.

Ben Jackson – Male 30s – Ben is down to Earth. He doesn’t let a lot of things bother him. Because of this, his relationships have all ended amicably, at least to him. He’s sort of oblivious to the other sides feelings. He will try to use his “successes” to lead his friends down bad paths.

Ryan King – Female Late 20s/ Early 30s – She is always looking on the bright side of life. No matter what happens, there’s ALWAYS something to look forward to, something to learn from. She is definitely a follower. She is open to do whatever the other person wants to do. Because of this, she comes off as reactionary, because she never actually thinks about the decisions that she makes. For her friends, she will do whatever she can to make sure they are happy and supported.

Casey Gilbert – Female Late 20s/ Early 30s – Casey starts the show coming out of a long term relationship. The one that you KNOW is going to last forever. It devastates her. She heavily relies on her friends to keep her mind off her ex, and keep her sane. There are some early cracks in her public face, but those cracks turn to craters as the show goes on. Casey’s relationship philosophy begins as quantity not quality. Just trying to find a connection that doesn’t exist on first dates. Her break up with Katie breaks her. She quickly has gone into a spiral, and loses her belief in true love. Her friends are worried about trying to set her up, because they don’t think she WANTS a true connection. ————————————-

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the e-mail provided ( ). There will be more roles that will be needed to be filled aside from these characters as well, but as of right now this is all we are casting for.


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