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Casting Atlanta Area Locals for Promo Video - Georgia


PAID – $250.00 / 12 hours.

WHERE: Atlanta, GA – LOCAL’S ONLY PLEASE WHEN: 9/26/19 OR 9/27/19 – Which day is TBD, but, 1x day shoot only. WHAT: Non speaking role for a 1x day shoot in Atlanta, GA featuring 2x hero cars and talent to be photographed/filmed in, around and outside of the vehicle and engaging with other talent. No driving shots or driving in general to be done by talent – vehicles will be staged the entire time.

Roles – Man 1 – 45-55 all ethnicities Woman 1 – 45-55 all ethnicities Man 2 – 28-38 all ethnicities Woman 2 – 28-38 all ethnicities Man 3 – 20 – 38

(Ages might vary because by a couple years on each end but this is the general age range)

r a z o r f i s h

375 Hudson Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10014



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