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Calling Entrepreneurs for “Elevator Pitch”

Calling all Entrepreneurs.

Got a great business idea? Do you lack the capital to actually make it happen? Would you love a chance to have your idea heard by folks who have the money to invest? If so, “Elevator Pitch” would love to hear all about your idea…on an elevator.

Season 8 of the show “Elevator Pitch” is now casting for people that can pitch their idea in 60 seconds.

That’s right, you get 60 seconds to give the most amazing pitch of your life while taking a ride in an elevator. You gotta convince the investors in that time to love your idea as much as you do. If the investors fall in love with your business plan, you will have a chance to sell them on your vision. You have until the doors literally open on the elevator. If they love what you have to offer and what you have said, you will be invited to pitch your idea to them in person.

What’s on the line? The money you may need to pull it all off. If they love it, you will have a chance to talk them into giving you a shot and receiving what may be a life changing amount of capitol to make it all happen. However, if you find yourself back on that elevator going down, your journey on the show will end.

CALLING ALL ENTREPRENEURS! Are you a serious and passionate entrepreneur with a business, product, or idea that’s ready for the ultimate pitch – in an elevator?’s streaming series Elevator Pitch is now casting for Season 8! OUR INVESTORS ARE WAITING TO HEAR YOUR PITCH!! ARE YOU READY FOR LIFE CHANGING INVESTMENT.


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