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Ben Stiller‘s upcoming TV Series (Tumwater) is now Hiring Actors - New York

Stand-ins Casting Call

DeLisi Creative Casting – Stand Ins for: TUMWATER (directed by: Ben Stiller)

Stand In for: Tramell Tillman – 5’11”, 185lbs, Full Brown/Black Hair, CLOSE BEARD, Brown Eyes.

Stand In for: Zach Cherry – 5′ 8″, 230-260lbs, Brown/Blk eyes, Brown/Black Hair & FULL BEARD.

To submit: Email us at In subject line please put (ATT. ADAM SI submit for XXX VIA DC). In body of email include; 3 CURRENT cell phone photos (1 close up, 1 standing front & 1 standing profile). Also, include Hair Color, Eye Color, Height/Weight, Shirt, Sleeve, Pants, Shoe, Suit Size, Chest & Neck. Lastly, please include if you’re Union or Non-Union, where you reside (city/state), contact # & your Stand In experience. If you’re not local to NY, MUST be available to work as a NY local if selected. Presently, this is for a tentative work day of 10/26 w/Covid testing on 10/23. Thanks!

Expired Casting Calls:

Adam Scott Stand-in for Camera Test

Hey NYC!

REVISED: Stand In for: Adam Scott (CAMERA TEST) NY,NY. “TUMWATER” Directed by: Ben Stiller

5’9″ – 5’10”, 165 lbs, Dark Brown Hair, DEEP SET Brown eyes.

Please email us at In subject line please put, ATT. ADAM (SI for Camera Test). MUST include Stand In experience, SAG or NU. If SAG, please include your SAG #. CURRENT cell phone photo, height/weight & all sizes…

Suit size, Chest (around widest part), T-Shirt, Neck, Sleeve, Pant (waist x inseam) Shoe & Hat.

If selected, MUST be avail for tentative day of Wed, 10/7. Please keep in mind, this COULD lead to a possible full time SI position on the project. Thanks!

Expired Casting Calls

DeLisi Creative CASTING younger version of Marc Gellar (in his 20’s): NYC (Bronx) for a photo shoot (SAG BG rate) tent Wed 3/18! Marc has very distinct eyes (green/blue) & features! He does not need beard or facial hair! TV series TUMWATER (Ben Stiller). Brown/black hair, 5’7″-ish. **Appropriate candidates only pls: EMAIL submission to us at Put your name/photo shoot in subject line! In email, incl your name, phone/email, height/weight, sizes, recent candid cell photos, esp that match his face/look (MUST be recent!), SAG membership # or indicate if NU. Confirm you’re local to NYC!


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