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Auditions in San Francisco for Student Film “Pillow” - California

A young boy, Matias, does not remember his mother but knows he has one. Sometimes he likes to pretend he remembers her looking at him and telling him stories. Despite this, he is unable to remember her face. Meanwhile, his father contemplates protecting Matias from the unspeakable truth about his mother. A film about identity through language and family dynamics.


Little Matias

Male / Recurring / Latinx / 4 – 7

Little Matías is a five year old memory version of the main character who is now a ten year old little boy. He is laying on the bed with his mother, they are smiling at each other. A tear falls from her cheek, he touches it with his finger. NON SPEAKING ROLE.


Male / Principal / Latinx / 8 – 12

Matías is the main character of the short movie, he is a ten year old latino boy. It is not necessary for him to speak Spanish. Matias is spending a night with his father at a friend’s house. During that night he falls asleep trying to understand what his father and the friend Julio are talking about.

Julio (MUST speak Spanish)

Male / Co-Star / Latinx / 27 – 35

Julio is Matías’ father, a thirty year old Latino man. It is ESSENTIAL for him to speak Spanish, his dialogue is all in this language. He has being welcomed with his son to spend the night at a friend’s house. During the night they are going to discuss the possibility for the kid to see his mother again. (Matias’ mother is a prostitute).

Harold (MUST speak Spanish)

Male / Co-Star / Latinx / 30 – 45

Harold is Julio’s best friend. It is ESSENTIAL for him to speak Spanish, his dialogue is all in this language. The character is having the kid and the father at his house for a night, he is going to have a discussion on the possibility that Matias should see his mother (who is a prostitute) again.


Female / Recurring Co-Star / Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous / 25 – 35

Diana is Matías’ estranged mother. She is also a “prostitute”, but will not be having any physical relations with any one. She has no dialogue, but she has to have good presence. Her presence is cute but also mysterious.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA Please submit to:



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