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Auditions for Short Film Project - St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands


Short Film Summary Heaven’s Hill is a jovial, somewhat whimsical story surrounding a small family in the Caribbean islands. The film stars an 8-year-old boy, Stephen, who just wants to enjoy his childhood but is confronted with some serious circumstances. Stephen is transferred to a new, unfamiliar school, where he is teased all the time. He also loses his father to a sudden heart attack within the same year. His mother opts to pack up and move to the other side of the island just to escape it all. Yet Stephen returns 8 years later for some redemption and a little fun exacting revenge on his old classmates.


Projected Run Time 16mins

Location St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Dates Scout – Sept 30th-Oct 3rd (I would like to be meet some of the talent you found there in person during this time) Pre-Pro – Oct 28-31st Shoot – Nov 1-6


Fees for Each Leads (with Different Rates for Major & Minor Characters)

1. Stephen (young) – anticipated 3 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $200 /day 2. Stephen (older) – anticipated 2 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $200 /day 3. Donna – anticipated 3 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $200 /day 4. Darius – already cast 5. Miles – anticipated 2 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $200 /day 6. Ruth – anticipated 1 day @ $100 /day 7. Edward – anticipated 1 day @ $100 /day 8. Francis – anticipated 1 day @ $100 /day 9. Aunt Vanessa – anticipated 4 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $100 /day 10. Reggie (young) – anticipated 1 day @ $100 /day 11. Reggie (older) – anticipated 2 days (possibly nonconsecutive) @ $100 /day

Character Descriptions

Stephen (young)- Black Male 8 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. A Caribbean kid, Stephen is pretty typical of most 8 year olds. He is an only child who lives on a rural plot of land with his two parents, so he spends most of his time playing by himself. He uses his imagination most of the time to make up for the lack of siblings and nearby friends. He is smart and inquisitive, yet a little whimsical.

Donna- Black Female 30-40 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Donna is very loving Caribbean mother and hardworking wife . She is a sturdy pillar of her household. She comes from an impoverished, yet strong-willed background, so you’ll rarely see her resting. She actually finds joy in keeping herself busy, being a good mother and wife. She doesn’t need for much more. You can interrupt her from her work with a joke and she’ll definitely drop her guard with a big heartwarming laugh.

Darius – Black Male 30-40 Years old – CASTED!! Must have Caribbean island accent. A hard working Caribbean father and husband, Darius is a farmer and has always worked with his hands. He spends 10-12hrs a day working in direct sun and is never dodges hard work. Some would say his actually not fulfilled if he is not working. His determined principles and life ideals have been embedded in him since he was a small child. NOTE: Actor should be in some type good physical shape. Role requires farming action.

Ruth – Black Female 65-80 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Ruth is an elderly woman who lives alone. She became an early widow, never remarried, and never had any kids. She is not a bitter woman, just closed off in her attitude from living alone for so many years. She can be snappy, some consider her mean, and she can be, if you tick her off. She is not afraid to tell you about yourself or how you aggravate her.

Edward – Black Male 65-80 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Edward is a gentle, elderly Caribbean man. Edward lost his wife about 10 years ago. He has a loving family but his kids and grandkids all live in the U.S. so he spends most of his time alone. His family wants him to move with them to the U.S., but Edward is an island man to the bone, and is happier living alone in his native island, even if it means living a plane ride from his beloved kids and grandchildren. Edward is generally a happy person, not quick to crack a smile but takes joy in his everyday repetition. He has a hobble from an old working injury.

Francis – Black Male 45-65 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Francis is an eccentric artist of all forms. He plays music, he paints, he sings, he writes poetry etc. He is a loner but not a shy person. He will quickly speak his mind in parables and leave little explanation, even if the listener is still confused. Francis is a flamboyant dresser and does not take heed to island standards or status quo. He will wear a full-length leather coat on the hottest day of the summer.

Aunt Vanessa- Black Female 35-45 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Vanessa is the oldest of 4 children and has been “in charge” since she was a young girl. From a young age she could step into a room and tell the other kids how things are going to go for the day. She could make more money as an accountant or possibly as an attorney but really enjoys teaching and helping the kids of the island become better students and people. She has a clever mind, sharp tongue, and is quick to rectify an injustice no matter the size.

Reggie (young) – Black Male 8-10Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Reggie is a boisterous kid that comes from a long-time affluent Caribbean family. He doesn’t like the “rich kid” tag and normally tries to overcompensate by teasing and bullying other kids. His father is well known and respected in the community so many people, even adults, sometimes cater to him. He is very confident and is not afraid to show it, unless he has to put on his glasses. He is very insecure about his heavy prescription frames.

Miles – Black Male 16-18 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Miles is a very clever and confident teenager. He is quick witted and has brilliant talent for jokes amongst his peers. What he may lack in other areas, he makes up for in his banter. He has a witty personality that shines through his facial expressions and analytical eyes.

Stephen(older) – Black Male 16-18 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Must have athletic build. Stephen is quite the athlete. A stellar competitor in multiple sports, Stephen is an only child, so he is somewhat reserved and will likely let you play your hand before he exposes his. A joyous person around people he knows, but seemingly shy around strangers. He became less sociable after his father passed unexpectedly, at the age of 8.

Reggie(older) – Black Male 16-18 Years old – Must have Caribbean island accent. Reggie was once the star kid amongst his friends, but over time has become less respected and more tolerated for lack of better words. He is normally quiet and easily angered. He was once a bully, but over the years fell victim to teasing and bullying himself. He is somewhat stubborn and very vindictive for his loss of power and status amongst his community of friends over the years.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Please submit to: by 2019-10-18


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