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Auditions for Short Film Lead Part and Supporting Actors - Los Angeles California

We have three role to cast in this short film.

LEAD ROLE ANDI (any age male or female; 3 days shoot): Andi is a very human looking alien who has spawned in Los Angeles. Vastly intelligent but with a child-like trust and simplicity, Andi will experience self realisation, life, death and everything in between. Unfortunately, Andi’s time on Earth is very short – like the mayfly, Andi has only 24 hours to live. A curious soul in search of a friend and the human experience, Andi’s time may be running out, but that doesn’t mean they are any less fascinated by humans and their foibles.

SUPPORTING ROLES WEIRDO(any age male; 1 day shoot): A charming drifter, our Weirdo is chatty, opportunistic and happy to take whatever he can get. Weirdo has lived in LA most of his life, and knows the city well. He’s not afraid to beg, steal or borrow, and he’s got a story for every occasion. Weirdo is instantly drawn to Andi – he knows an outsider when he sees one.

SANDI (any age female; 1 day shoot): Like Andi, Sandi is an alien and has been sent to Earth to experience life for 24 hours. When Andi meets her she is in her dying hours. She has had a lifetime of experience in just a day and finding Andi is solace in her final moments.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles Please submit to:



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