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Auditions for CBS Survivor - Bowling Green Kentucky


Casting directors for Survivor will be holding an open casting call in Bowling Green next month for folks in the area that would like to tryout for Survivor.

Can you outwit, outlast and outplay everyone else on the island? Would you love a shot at the $1,000,000 top prize in the show? If so, read on because your chance to pitch why you need that coveted spot on the show is coming up. The very long running reality challenge travels around the country to hold open calls at local CBS affiliates year-round and in September, they will be in Bowling Green.

Survivor is a hit reality show, one of the longest reality TV shows currently on Television. Survivor takes a group of strangers and drops them off at a remote location. The group is split up into 2 tribes which battle each other in various physical and mental challenges. Each week the losing tribe votes someone off until the 2 groups merge, more people are voted off and eventually 3 players remain.


Those attending fill out the needed paperwork and have a few minutes to pitch themselves to the casting directors for the show. Open Calls are held by the local CBS affiliate and those who attend the event will have their auditions put on video and sent to the Survivor casting team.

According to the audition notice, there is no need to bring anything but your ID to the open call.

Bowling Green, KY Thursday, September 19 / 3PM – 8PM Bowling Green Ballpark 300 8th Ave Bowling Green, KY 42101


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