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Actress Needed - Utah

**PAID** Casting Call

(If you are represented through an agency, please specify or go through them)

We will be reviewing auditions immediately, so the sooner the better!

Project: Verified Blu

Role: Grandmother


Age: 50+

Silly, encouraging, sweet, innocent looking

Production Company: Chamber Media

Rate: $150

Usage: Online buyout

Time: Could be on set for 1-3 hours

Shoot Date: Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Self-Tape Due Date: This Thursday, January 27th

*Utah hires only

The role is very small, but we would still like to see what you look like on camera

Please send a short video clip (or reel) and picture

Please email your audition to

In the script, the grandma has no lines, and will be commenting on her granddaughter’s Instagram page, which turns out to be embarrassing for the granddaughter. Yes, that’s it.


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