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Actress for Lead Role in Original Project - Vancouver British Columbia Canada


In search of a leading woman to portray Mel who lives with MS Multiple Sclerosis (and only has 6 remaining orgasms to enjoy.

Hello creative community, I’m a producer for the pilot episode of a new Vancouver-based web series called Disease & Desire.

“During Mel’s annual neurological check-up with dreamy Dr. Sharni, she learns her multiple sclerosis is progressing–no surprise–but is shocked to also discover that her nervous system will only produce six more orgasms. Six! Fortyish and single, Mel must decide how best to spend, save, or at least not waste those precious orgasms”

We are in search of our leading actress: Please recommend women between the ages of 35 and 55 who live with a disability that presents in similar ways to MS. Mel will use a cane to help herself to walk.

Our project overview is posted at: All variety of acting experience is welcome.

“Mel doesn’t want pity, she might need a light, and she definitely wants to know what you’re up to later.”

This project is based on the work of BC writer, Kim Clark: Please email to receive audition material.

Thanks for spreading the word! Sara McIntyre (Director/Producer)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver B.C Please submit to: by 2020-01-10


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