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Actors for Video Project - $150


Looking for actors to present on a video screen wall in a commercial emulating listening to a zoom call. No dialogue/sound necessary.

Non-Union Only

Pay: $150

Male or Female:

25 – 60s

Must have the ability to film from their phone or computer in 1080p or better.

Note: This Audition is not only for you but for your background and clothing options. Please include a short video of what that may be.

Wardrobe: Business Casual or Business attire (i.e. power suit, or cool/casual office attire)

Must create a clean and NOT distracting office space looking background and/or neat home office background. NO WHITE OR SINGLE COLORED BACKGROUNDS. Face should be well lit, avoiding dramatic lighting. We are emulating a typical, but good quality zoom call.

Directions for Submissions:

1) Please watch the following video:

2) Please email a link or attach a :30-:60s video to include the following reactions:

  1. smiling and listening still

  2. thinking and nodding.

  3. smiling and nodding.

  4. listening still and concerned.

  5. a small laugh or smile as if you almost laughed

  6. a realization and a smile and a clap.

Please include your headshot, resume, and contact info (phone number/email) as well.

If interested, please email the required material to by end of the day, Wednesday, 2/10.

Please use “ZOOM LIKE Audition” for the subject line. Decision will be made by end of the day, Thursday, 2/11.


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