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Actors for Student Film - Atlanta Georgia


Casting Call – Dave is Dead

Casting/Audition Details: This is a low-budget student film produced by Filmmakers @ GT (non-paid). It is a dark comedy short film with an approximate duration of 20 minutes that will be premiered on campus with the intention to submit to local and national film festivals.

Synopsis: A teenage girl, living with her deadbeat father, returns from school one day to find him dead. Initially revelling in her newfound freedom from an abusive and uncaring guardian, her new experiences and memories of her father ultimately force her to reconsider their past relationship in a different light. Central to the plot of the story are the themes of neglect, freedom, and the realization of familial love.

Character Descriptions: Dave: * Middle-aged: 30-40 * Able to appear as if he has not taken care of himself: unkempt facial hair * Not very fit, out of shape figure * Gruff and unfriendly voice- having abused drugs and alcohol in his past * Able to act unmoving, as if dead, for extended lengths of time

Jaime: * Protagonist; deals with conflicting feelings of freedom from an abusive guardian and the loss of a parental figure * Looks mid-teenage (about age 16), appears to be in high school * Acts immaturely, but somewhat lacking in strong emotions * Young voiced, but also sounding somber or uncertain

Laura: * Protagonist’s best friend, lifestyle juxtaposed to and very different than that of Jaime’s * Looks about the same age as Jaime (around age 16) * Good friends with Jaime, frequently visits her home * Appears well-taken care of and attractive in appearance and figure; well-dressed and fashionable * Young voiced, able to act emotionally or embarrassed, as a teenager would

Brian: * Party-goer – able to look and act very disoriented * Looks late teenaged- young adult * Speech is very relaxed and casual, as if under the influence of drugs

Caleb: * Late teenage – young adult * Athletic frame, appears physically in shape and very fit * Facial and bodily features appear well-taken care of * Acts very egotistically

Instructions: Please send headshots and resume with the character of interest in the subject line to: If you do not have a resume, a headshot is sufficient. We will contact you back, if selected, with more information to set up an audition date and time with our director and casting director. Auditions will take place on the weekend of February 1st-2nd and 8th-9th.

* Please consider the following: Principle Photography will take place during the last week of February and first week of March, during the weekend dates of February 29, March 1st and March 7th. Exact times TBA.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA Please submit to: by 2020-01-30


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